Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally, New Pictures For YOU!!!

I am featured in two showcases on Etsy on Thursday, November 19. Be sure to look for me in the Bracelet and Earring categories~Twilight jewelry and other stuff! New listings were posted tonight.

New bracelet inspired by the Twilight Saga-New Moon movie opening this week. Chris's lampwork focals in khaki green, tan, and dark brown with other beads to compliment and charms for Jacob (he's a werewolf for those of you not into Twilight!).

A long chain necklace (designed to just go over your head) with a variety of natural stones for interest.

Fire Agate, carnelian chips, and copper.

Purple and Orange striped Malachite and Lots of sizes and shapes and colors of Swarovski crystals. (I don't want to sell this one! ; ) but I will!)

Turquoise color enhanced Howlite, Bali sterling silver, and silver plated hammered chain.

Memory wire bracelet with mother of pearl beads and silver plated seed beads. The first memory wire project I have done since I started beading (and really hated it at the time) and this turned out so pretty! Mina is the wrist model.

Holiday Lights Christmas bulb-like earrings.

I have really been drawn to bumblebee designs lately. This is Vintaj brass pieces layered with bumblebees on the top.

Turkey Lurkey family photo! Chris has been working on Turkey Lurkeys lately working the kinks out and we have sold some too! This is a large Turkey made with a bigger press and smaller ones for earrings. I love their facial expressions.

Go Bobcats! Paw print school spirit earrings.

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