Friday, October 23, 2009

More Zoo Pictures

When we visited the zoo last month, I enjoyed watching the Gorillas. They were amazing, you could almost see them thinking and analyzing their surroundings.

This is the new Skyfari lift that takes you from the giraffe area to pachyderm hill and back. It was really fun, and the view was amazing.
It was fun to see the Garden of the Senses from the air. I thought it was really cool to look at the sculptures and see where people rub on them because those parts are really shiny compared to the patina on the rest of the sculpture. This is the sundial and pond in the garden.This is the sculpture out in front of the Butterfly/Insect Pavilion. Gorgeous. Shows the complete life cycle of the butterfly. Starts with the egg on the leaf, then the caterpillar, then the cocoon, the butterfly hatching, and finally the big beautiful stained glass butterfly at the top.
Next up, more zoo pictures!

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