Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy Week

I know I promised you more zoo pics, but haven't gotten them uploaded yet. Last Saturday, we sponsored the Jr. high marching band trip to Minden for their first marching competition. It was so much fun! We had a great time and the kids were AMAZING! They got a Superior (the best you can get) AND a trophy! We learned this week that it was the first trophy our school has gotten for band since 1979!!!! Chris and I even got to march along behind the band. Sunday, Mina was sick and we ran her to a weekend Dr., she had sinus infection and got her started on antibiotics. Monday afternoon, my parents were coming back from Hastings and my Dad dozed off, crossed the yellow line and HIT A GRAIN TRUCK. Thankfully, their guardian angels hadn't dozed off, because they were not only uninjured, but their car is still able to be driven and it is repairable! Not everyone can say that they hit a grain truck and they were not hurt and the car wasn't totaled. The grain truck was full of grain too. The driver saw them crossing over, and got over as much as he could. We were fortunate too, that there was a wonderful woman who stopped to help and called me, the sheriff, and stayed around til everything was finished up. Truly a day of miracles. After that the rest of the trivialities of the week seem small. I am trying to get my beads back in some order after all the summer beading for shows, before I have to get stuff going for Christmas shows! We have to deliver to the Gallery by the 15th of November, so I don't have a lot of time, but I have quite a bit done. Chris left this morning for work, and then he is off to Omaha for a class tomorrow at the Hot Shops on bringing out the metals in reactive glass. Mina and I are working the concession stand tonight and she has her first Jr. high dance tomorrow night. Sunday is church and then her confirmation class is doing community service and picking up trash along the roadside. Hope your weekend is a good one, and the zoo pics are still on their way!

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