Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend News

How can it be Monday already? Weekends just fly by, but then I guess the weeks do too! On Friday night, we took in a movie with good friends, Jerry and Carla, who are getting ready to depart for a BIG change in their lives. We all enjoyed Star Trek at the Hastings Museum. It was great to see the scifi movie on the BIG Imax screen, and the movie was FABULOUS. I never realized how much I loved scifi until a few years ago, and now it is one of my favorite genres. My Dad, brother Mark, and I used to watch the original Star Trek on TV, and Mom tolerated it. But the movie definitely played to the original series and was just terrific. On Saturday, I enjoyed spending the morning with our local seed beading group. What fun gals! They way outdistance my beading, but it is just so much fun to chat and bead (and rip out the beading because of too much chatting)! Chris showed off his newest floral and Goddess beads, made for the Hastings Art in the Park coming up this week on Sunday (August 2), and several of them will not be for sale now! Saturday was also the Lawrence Q125 celebration, and though we didn't make back in time for the parade (which had more than 75 entries!), the chicken barbecue was very good! Our town has a population of 325 according to the sign, and I think the population easily was doubled on Saturday. They serve 588 meals and it is said the the polka Mass at church was standing room only, with the balcony and all pews filled and still people standing in the back. Wow! Congrats to the Lawrence Community Club for all their hard work, it turned out terrific! On Sunday, Chris and I lolled around the house in the morning, as Mina has been detasseling and leaving the house about 5:40am each day, and then we did some chores and ended the afternoon at Carla and Jerry's house for a retirement/going away party. Beautiful evening to sit out in their beautiful yard and visit. Also, good food and drinks (I really loved the Crab Dip!), and to see them one last time before their move. Very bittersweet, so happy for them, but so sad for all the rest of us! This week involves a ZagBag purse party tonight at my friend Leslie's (she throws the best home parties!) and the rest of the week will be spent preparing for Art in the Park Sunday at Libs Park in Hastings from 9-4. Hope to see you there, have a great week!

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