Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twelve Years Ago...

Twelve years ago, I was in a LOT of pain! I was giving birth to my beautiful daughter. Mina was born at 5:13pm and she completely changed my world (and Chris's!)! She is fun, unique in her tastes in clothing and bicycles, is obsessed with everything Twilight, and still loves to play with her toys. Mina loves to play with Legos, draw, color in coloring books, and watch the Disney channel, Cartoon Network, and Nick on TV. She loves stories about ghosts and ghouls (my work here is done : ) ) and to play Wii. She often out fishes her father and other male relatives, loves to play ball and hang out in the garden with Chris, is fascinated by insects and every summer hatches out butterflies from the caterpillars she finds in the yard. Mina is often goofy, a devoted friend, does not do DRAMA that often happens with girls her age and avoids it by hanging with the guys in her class, and though she is only twelve, she has an old soul. Her Great-Grandma often says Mina doesn't have to say a word, she can say it all with a look. She is nearly as tall as her mom, and wears the same size shoes. We often tell the story, that when she was born, Dr. Adam, didn't say it's a boy or girl, he said, "Don't buy her any shoes, they won't fit!". She had very long and skinny feet at birth and still does, making it a nightmare to find shoes that fit her!
She is my world, and I thank God every day that she was given to me for a few short, amazing years to mold into a beautiful human being.

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday, dear Mina, Happy Birthday to you!

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