Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

I wanted to get pics posted last night, but time got away from me. We spent Earth Day working, but last evening was so beautiful, we went to Hastings and had a picnic in the park for supper. Chris and Mina fished (Mina out fished Dad catching 3 good sized fish to his one teeny tiny one) and I read my book. I also observed nature. There was a gang of 3 male ducks trying to impress and steal away a female that was with another male duck. It was pretty funny the comparison to humans. Then I watched a goose laying eggs in her nest, while her mate stood guard and then when the danger had passed stood and preened himself. I also noticed that like human women in labor, the goose was panting and got dry mouth from the job! Chris said she needed ice chips! When her beak got dry, she would close it and shake her head, and then go back to panting. We left the park cleaner than we found it by picking up our trash and some left by someone else. Mina showed off her fishing skills and impressed a group of boys. There's a new pick up gals! They were impressed that she caught more fish than they had, and that she could take her fish off the hook, put it on a stringer, and re bait her hook. Not a way I would choose to impress guys! But it worked for her! What did you do for Earth Day? When was the last time you enjoyed a picnic in the park? Give it a try, it is FABULOUS!

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