Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy Nebraska Weather

This was our yard on Monday. Winds around 50 mph, hail, and rain. Out west they had a blizzard with a possibility for 24" of snow, and there were 4 tornadoes in the state. We had damage to our front door, and the windshield seal on my car was sucked out. Weird! March can certainly be that way, and on last Saturday when it was absolutely gorgeous, perfect sunshine and 70 degrees, we knew this was on the way!


Lori said...

March is one of my least favorite months. It isn't so bad here in FL, but I remember what it was like up north. Snow, Rain, Floods, Storms, Mud...etc. That's weird what it did to your windshield. Hope things are settled down there now!

Pixybug Designs said...

Not really, yesterday was 60 today we might have snow again! AAGH! Enough to drive you crazy! (Not that it is a very long trip! : ) ) said...

good morn...
hope you get 70 this weekend..
spring is finally in the NW
mona & the girls
ps we actually got snow yesterday
crazy weather

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