Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chris Takes A Class

This weekend Chris went back to school. Well, not literally, he just went to the Crystal Forge at the Hot Shops in Omaha. There he spent the weekend working with Leah Fairbanks. She is a bead artist who teaches classes all over the world and is famous for her floral beads. You can find out more about her at These are three of the beads Chris made and there is one still in the kiln at the Crystal Forge. If you live near Omaha, you should check out the Hot Shops, they have open houses twice yearly, the first weekends of May and of December.
On a business (and sad) note, our beads will no longer be sold at beads and botanicals in Hastings as Carla is closing. However, should you be in the area and interested, you can find them at Graham Gallery now.

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