Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sabrina, the Oddball Cat

Mina had fun taking pet pictures over Christmas vacation, so since I haven't beaded for about 3 weeks now, I will share these instead! This is Sabrina, well just her tail is pictured, she is playing in her fish sack. The fish has stuff inside that makes that crinkly cellophane noise that plastic shopping bags (another of her addictions) do. What are her other addictions? Fresh cat grass, long drinks in the bathtub, tuna remains in the opened cans (though she can't tell the difference between tuna and any other canned food, she hears the can opener and comes running), shopping bags, suitcases, purses, any size box (even embarrassingly small ones), Chris's fleece sweatshirts, winter coats, and Mina's bean bag, basically anything she can climb into and snuggle in for a good long nap. OUR CAT IS NO DUMMY, though you couldn't tell when she is in the midst of a cat fit!

This is me lying on the bed, finishing a book. This is Sabrina telling all of us, who is boss in this house! She was none too pleased when I got up (nearly paralyzed) and removed her comfortable resting spot. Notice that the bed we are both laying on, was not good enough for her, she had to lay on me instead! This is a new nesting spot for Sabrina. Behind our couch we have a pile of blankets for snuggling into when we are chilly, or if you are Sabrina, any time of the day. She even manages to burrow enough to cover herself up! The new trick she has taught us, yes we are well trained, is she will lay on Mina's bean bag chair, and then meow until someone throws a cover on her. What a princess! Since she has Siamese blood in her, you don't want to listen to that very long.
What is Sabrina's opinion on my blog commentary? She is NOT amused!

Check back tomorrow for info on our new hamster!


Carla said...

Pretty kitty! :-)

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks! We are pretty fond of her! Definitely entertaining!

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