Monday, December 29, 2008

Family News

We have survived Christmas! All events are finished, and though I had/have the flu last night, I feel very thankful. Our family (extended and immediate) has or will be expanding soon. In our immediate family, Chris, Mina, and I have invited a friendly, new hamster to live with us. Our new little friend, is a Winterwhite dwarf hamster. He is still "he" as we decided to get to know him a bit before naming him. His fur is sooo soft, and beautiful white with a thin gray stripe down his back, and the tips of his ears are gray. He is used to being handled by pet store attendants and slightly overweight, but we are especially thankful for the "used to being handled part" as he hasn't latched on to any of our fingers, and is just as curious about us as we are about him. In our extended family, Chris's brother Brian and his soon-to-be bride Angie, will be adding a sweet baby to our family in July. The group of 3 cousins, Mina, Daniel, and Nick, were a bit thrown by the idea of a new baby! Very exciting and happy news. Otherwise, all are happy and healthy, and we enjoyed visiting with Chris's family on Saturday. What's new with beading/bead making? Aside from finishing the beading on some Christmas projects, I have had a break for the last couple weeks, but am itching to get back to it. Chris has started working on some beads for Valentine's day, so we will get new pics of those up here soon! He is working at learning some new techniques, and will hopefully soon be taking a class from Leah Fairbanks in Omaha the end of Feb/beg of March. We hope that the Valentine beads will soon be in at Beads and Botanicals, as soon as Carla is ready for them. Happy New Year! Be safe, have fun, and I will be back here next year!

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