Saturday, January 17, 2009

Only a week behind...

I lost track of time...ok I didn't. When I finished the last blog entry, I had every intention of doing the next one immediately, however it was close to midnight and I was not allowed to finish because I needed to get to bed (long story, irritated husband enough said). So here is the post from last week.
This is Sassy our other cat. She can be just as weird as Sabrina, and at least twice as grumpy. She is a bit older than Sabrina, and entering into old age. We think dementia explains some of her actions~chasing things on the floor no one else can see, purring like crazy while you pet her and then she is biting you while purring. I didn't know a cat could purr and growl at the same time. Sassy is fond of napping on our bed (come to think of it, we are too!), and this is a picture Mina took over Christmas break when Sassy was being particularly cute in her sleep.
Sassy is also not quite as photogenic as Sabrina, who hears you with the camera and is there trying to get in the pic~weird behavior for a cat, but we have covered that ground! Sassy will tolerate you, but it has to be on her terms. Mina snapped this photo while Sassy was on our couch, not sure why she is sitting that way but we thought it was funny, and Mina thought it was photo worthy! Sassy is fond of climbing on your shoulder while you are using the computer, Chris calls her a parrot cat. She likes chasing light around the room, which makes Sabrina look at her like she is crazy, and then Sabrina starts chasing Sassy, who is chasing the light. Living with cats helps you to know that while you may have issues, you don't have as many as they do!
This is what happens when you stay home almost every day for two weeks, not get out of your pjs until Mom nags you about it, and do nothing but build Legos, read, play Gameboy, and watch tv. Exhausting!
Next up, new jewelry that went to Graham Gallery, and Hastings Museum, and new beads Chris has been making!

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