Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where did July go?

I certainly haven't blogged very much this month, and here the month is gone! We have been busy with our self portraits for the Graham Gallery juried show in August and packing for our vacation. Mina did her self portrait with acrylic paints and canvas, I made mine with scrapbooking papers, beads, yarn, and brads, and Chris made his from wire, wood, and lampwork beads. His is so AWESOME! He made a head, neck, hands, heart, and shoes from glass, and the torso from a small block of wood which we painted to look like a tie dyed tshirt. There is an indention where his heart sets and the heart is nearly anatomically correct. He made the arms and legs from wire covered with coils of wire, and a pair of shorts from colored coiled wire. Amazing! Mine self portrait is more a look at what events have led up to me being who I am instead of what I look like. I really love how it turned out, I had participated in an evening "girls night out" at a great shop in Hastings called Great Dames where I learned to do this. It was about loving yourself and your body, and it was a really fun evening. I knew when I had the idea for my self portrait what to do! I had to cut up the girl I had on the first one as a pattern for the second one, since it is impossible to find blank paper doll people to decorate! So I managed, and it turned out great. I beaded around the words and even made a girl scout patch to look like the ones the girls earn for my GS leader spot on the self portrait. We will get pics up and soon since we leave Saturday for our vacation to head to the wedding in Missouri!

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