Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Crazy Life...

Thank heavens this week is half over! We went to the water park on Sunday afternoon after church with some friends from church, and all was well, until about 4:30 when Mina started shivering in the sun (never a good sign!) and by the time we got her home, she had a fever of 102. We gave her the usual, Tylenol, off set with ibuprofen, and it went down a bit, but by 4:30am on Monday, the fever was at 103.6, and later when Chris took her to the dr. we had a positive diagnosis for strep throat. This is at least the 3rd maybe 4th time she has had it in 6 months, so that means most likely the tonsils will be coming out. They told us that after the second time she'd had it in a month that the "cooties" (a technical term!) were living in her tonsils. Okay, so we got the antibiotics, and the powerade and she was feeling better by yesterday. Last night we dropped her off with the same friends from church, so she could spend the night and babysit today, and Mina and the kids were out scootering when a bump ambushed her and she "flew" (her term) off the scooter and landed on her arm. So at 10:15pm we picked her back up from Blue Hill and made a visit to the emergency room at Mary Lanning hospital in Hastings. By the time we left there at 11:45, she had her arm in an ace bandage (we are thankful for her guardian angel), and instructions to keep it iced and take it easy for a few days. We were all quite tired and giggly by this time, and we had an interesting drive home after a quick trip through McDonald's to feed our little "danger" girl. Bed at 12:30, and morning came way too soon for Chris and I this morning! So how crazy is your life?!

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