Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Crazy Life, Part 2...

Just when we thought the weirdness of our life had settled back down, we just chased a BAT out of our house! I can honestly say that's a first! We were sitting in the living room watching the weather reports on the storms hitting the state AGAIN, and our cats started freaking out in the kitchen. Chris said, "must be a June bug in the kitchen", and it made sense since Sabrina has been dealing with our June bug problems very forcefully in the living room window each evening. It was not a June bug. Chris went into the kitchen when the other cat, Sassy, started to freak out, and he came back in ducking his head very startled! So, using the butterfly net that Mina conned her Grandpa into buying her last summer, he captured the bat after it flew into the wall and fell to the floor. I must point out that at no point did we touch the bat, and the bat was not harmed in the making of this blog entry. It was taken outside and freed from the net into the storm! Whatever happened to it after that was nature's doing, not ours!

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