Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Spring of Rainbows...

Good Wednesday to you! This morning in Nebraska the sky is beautiful. We have mostly cloudy skies, but it is changing quickly. When I got out of the car at work, the sky had the puff ball clouds that look like hail clouds, and off to the south and west the sky was very dark from rain coming in. To the north and east the sky had puffy white clouds highlighted by sunshine and bright light blue sky. By the time I left the station to come over to the office (where I spend too much of my life!), there was a beautiful half rainbow in the sky lit up against the dark blue of the storm clouds. Very pretty, and very much Nebraska, where if you don't like the weather wait five minutes for something else! Right now, there is a heavy shower going on, and by the time I have typed that it is over! I really love this time of year because, everything is green, blooming, and fresh and new. I am even starting to enjoy being outside as my allergy treatments are working, and after years of being kept in the house, I am getting back outside. Chris, Mina, and I celebrated the last day of school last Friday with a lunch picnic in the park with our carpooling group. Very beautiful, and Mina and I got sunburned. Saturday, another beautiful day, we went to Pier Park in Grand Island, where Chris and Mina puttered with fishing and I beaded in the shade after a lunchtime picnic. Last night we enjoyed supper on our deck, the first time since Mina was a toddler! The yard is so beautiful with fruit trees blooming, flowers and trees greened up and Mina and Chris thrilled to have me outside. So I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying the small things that the seasons bring. On the beading front, Chris has been making beautiful tab shaped bead sets, and I am making a spiral rope that is taking me forever to finish! It goes with the sea charm fringe bracelet that ended up too big, and is now being converted to a sea charm fringed necklace. It doesn't help that I have Bible school at church next week that I am craft leader for, so that was how I spent last night. Oh well, once I get the projects put together for samples, name tags made, I should be able to be back at the beading. I was beading Monday night, and our cat Sabrina, who has "issues" too numerous to mention, crawled into my bead project box and laid right on top of the beads I was working with. That pretty much ended the beading for the evening! I would call that a "subtle" hint that petting was in order!

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