Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just a bit...

These little caterpillars look at me sympathetically as I am typing this to you. Why do I need sympathy? I have a sucky virus that makes me feel like I have pneumonia, though the visit to the ER this morning said it is truly just a virus. I woke up this morning with breathing difficulties, and after consulting with my Dr on call, I went in to the hospital. Thankfully, the lungs are clear, and my Dr had the foresight to give me antibiotics on Wednesday, or it probably would be pneumonia by now. So I got to come home after a couple chest x-rays, with a prescription cough syrup that makes Mina gag thinking about having to take it, and me a bit worried about it being even stronger than the codeine cough syrup I normally take. But after coughing for 2 solid hours last night that seemed to be much longer than that, I am willing to try anything. My tongue is sore from it brushing against my teeth after all of this coughing.

Anyway on the beading front, things have been hard for me to focus on with this silly cold, but Chris got a major bargain on Saturday. Our friend Jodie Marshall, a fellow lampworker, was clearing out a great amount of her glass she didn't work with and Chris was the lucky guy to buy it from her! It would have been a bargain at twice the price! Thanks Jodie! It was like Chris was in a candy store as he sorted, cleaned, and just generally ogled the two boxes of treasure. He had his oxygen concentrator quit on him, but we are expecting a new one to replace it any day so he can finish up birdie nests for Carla. Also, we are heading off on a beading adventure on Saturday, going to the Omaha Bead Show. Mina is excited that she will get dropped off at our friends near Ashland, so she gets to spend the day playing on a farm with her 5 friends, and we don't have to listen to the whining! I hope to have more pictures soon for you, though I have to actually make something to photograph first!

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