Monday, March 3, 2008

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry

Happy Monday! This weekend (when not still suffering from the remnants of the flu) I made a funky bracelet with red "beach" glass and black lined clear czech glass beads. The beach glass beads are top drilled so the end effect looks a bit like Flintstones jewelry that Betty or Wilma might wear (ironic since I felt like I had been beaten by BamBam's club last week)! I also made a pretty pair of earrings with a couple peices of the beach glass. Last night I worked on my neice Caitlyn's "sweet sixteen" present so I can't get into detail on that in case she reads this before I mail her gifts. I will put up a picture after I am sure it won't ruin the surprise for her. I have several ideas percolating that I still want to get done before the show on the 15th. I bought a cocoanut shell bead that is drilled on both sides and I have some other brown czech glass to put with those, some spring garden flower type bracelets and some necklaces using some crazy acrylic flower pendants, and some pretty mother of pearl shell bead frames that have spoken to me since they arrived. All that and I want to play with my felt pieces too. I really need to quit my full time job (unfortunately it pays for the beads!) and have more time to put stuff together!

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