Friday, November 9, 2007

Speed Beading

Good Friday to you (though that makes me sound a bit like a leprechaun in my head)! I spent last evening making beaded bookmarks, from an idea my friend Leslie gave me. I made 15 besides putting earrings on cards, pricing and tagging ornaments, and managed to make it to bed by 1:30am. I was tempted to just keep working until it was time to come to my "other" job at 7am, but I didn't think having to pry my hubby's hands from around my throat would be much fun first thing in the morning! He grumbles and shakes his head when I stay up late, but by then I have caught my second wind, and I hate to waste it. Though those late nights might account for my sore throat and cold-coming-on-feeling. Yesterday was a busy day filled with errands and appointments, but what a BEAUTIFUL day to be out doing those chores! We got our business cards, earring cards, and jewelry tags yesterday! So pretty, but YIKES I hated to write the check out! Carla at beads and botanicals showed me a fast (for her) way to make a jewelry display, and I gave her a good laugh about flip flops and Christmas (see quote column). I spent some time at Great Dames (such a FABULOUS store~wonderful gifts, and the lovely ladies that own/run it are so fun to share laughs with) and found a fabulous polymer clay key chain bracelet and a couple other goodies. I stopped in to Graham Gallery to get some info on the Holiday Showcase (at which our jewelry will be for sale) and found the normally cool, collected Angela Graham feeling rather frazzled with time management issues. I had just had that same conversation with the gals at Great Dames, and I think it is something we all struggle with, especially this time of year. So many expectations placed upon us (most of them by us too), that it gets rather difficult to cope with at times. (See the quote at the top of the Quote column to the right~I found that on a pretty brass bookmark at Great Dames!) I will try to get some pictures up of the stuff going to the show tomorrow, and the very awesome bracelet from Viva Beads (bought at the Great Dames store). Check out there online shop at or stop in downtown Hastings and check out the bracelets, earrings, and cross necklaces at Great Dames. Carla was decorating beads and botanicals for the downtown lighting next Thursday, so be sure to stop in and check her lovely Christmas ideas out or got to her blog from my link on the right!


Carla said...

I'm still giggling about the flip flop quote, and I really like the one day at a time quote too. Happy weekend!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Carla! I love that quote about the days and I really love the book mark it is on. It is shaped like a figure 8.

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