Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Late night beading

Hi! I hope you are less tired this morning than I am. Last night was another marathon session of beading. Last night's projects~lampwork "Jodie" bead (made by Jodie Marshall) earrings, and Christmas spider ornaments. I made 6 spiders, and 5 pairs of earrings. The spiders are gorgeous, and the earrings fun and funky like I like to make them. There is one pair of stone earrings that have silver and copper beads accenting the lime/olive green stones (not sure what they are). The spiders use some of Chris's lampwork beads and also 2 of them are made with a 20mm Strass ball pendant Swarovski crystal. One is violet, and one is crystal AB finish. I have some more of the large crystals on order, in topaz, , emerald, Bordeaux, and blue violet. Those will be gorgeous. If you don't know the legend of the Christmas spider it can be found by searching for the Christmas Spider Legend. Did you know that spiders are considered good luck? They were included in crazy quilt designs for that reason. I just don't understand why my luck isn't better, with all the spiders and webs in my house!

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