Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Update...

Good Monday to you! It is quite cool here (only in the 50's) and raining. Strange weather, a week ago it was still in the upper 80s, and very humid! We have a pretty laid back weekend. After I got off work on Saturday, we took my parents, and went to the Country Friends craft show where my jewelry is being sold. We had it there Thurs thru Sun of last week and will be there Thurs thru Sun of this week. Then I will go pick it up, see what is left and get stuff made up for the November show. We were doing pretty good when we were there on Saturday, had sold about $140 worth. After stopping at the craft show, we went in to Grand Island and went to Hobby Lobby, out for supper at Applebee's and to Best Buy, where we bought a new digital camera to help get better pictures of the jewelry. The one we bought has digital stabilization and more pixels so it should have better definition on the pictures. Yesterday after church we came home and hung out at home. Chris made about a hundred spacer beads in different colors, I took a nap which was difficult to wake up from and then hard to go to sleep at bedtime, and Mina played with her Barbies and the cat, and the hamster. Sabrina kept making a nuisance of herself by laying on the pillow (one of her favorites) that Mina was using as a handicapped doll hospital. Sabrina just saw it as an invitation to get even with Mina for all those days of being drug around and dressed up! We should have our new camera soon (they had to ship it) and then we will get some new pics up!

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