Friday, July 13, 2007

It's a Mad, Mad, Life...

Good Friday the 13th to you! I love the 13th of each month, it is the day we celebrate at our house. We celebrate because January 13th, 1988 was the day that my sweetie first kissed me! So in our house it rates special merit and it is just an excuse to wish each other happy day, and to do something special for each other. I wished my sweetie happy day this morning at about 5:30 am while we were out for our morning walk! Sorry I have slacked off in the updating department, my life has gotten pretty crazy in the last 3 weeks but I am hoping that things will settle down now and get back to our "normal" routine for a couple weeks before school starts August 14.
Top 10 reasons my life has been even crazier than normal:
10. Summer-it is irrigation season and that means that we buy more fuel at work and sell more, making lots of book work for me.
9. Mina has been off gallivanting-She was gone 4 days last week, and 4 days this week.
8. Family commitments-my Dad had to have stints put in his heart, off from work 1 1/2 days (see #10), we took Mina to her Grandpa and Granny's house for 4 days last week (see #9) and picked her up on Saturday after we attended the annual 4th of July get together, my parent's car broke down in Hastings on Wed. and we had to go pick them up and take Dad back on Thurs to pick his car up when it was fixed.
7. Jewelry-I am trying (though not always successfully) to get jewelry made for the fall craft show I going to in September.
6. Girl Scouts-We took the girls to camp Monday, dropped them off and picked them back up on Thursday, 2 round trips to Camp Cosmo near Grand Island.
5. My daughter's 10th birthday is next week. How is it possible she is hitting double digits, wasn't I just pregnant?
4. Appointments, to get Mina's eyes checked, to go to counseling, to get Mina's birthday pics taken, dentist, etc...
3. My house is an absolute disaster~I think it might be easier to sell the house with the stuff and start over fresh at this point!
2. Work, have I mentioned work?!
Well, since work ranks several spots, I had better start trying to find the desk I spend most of my life at! Have a great weekend, we are going to get away to yes Grand Island (!) and go to see Harry Potter 5 and go to Art in the Park on Sunday.


david santos said...

Thanks for your work and have a good weekend

Carla said...

Love the Top 10 List! Very cool!

brenda said...

I often wonder how you guys fit everything in that you do, now it's been explained. haha I'm convinced though you wouldn't be such a happy group if ya'all didn't have all that busy though....maybe? Uh, may I suggest roller skates for each of you! Happy 13th back to you.

Stephanie Haussler said...

Thanks for the support guys~blogging is definitely not a stressful factor in my life! I have enjoyed all the new friends that I have made through blogging and beading!

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