Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beads, Beautiful Beads

Happy Tuesday To You! We spent the weekend hitting a great bead sale at Beads and Botanicals' sidewalk sale Saturday, loads of beautiful strand beads and awesome buys! Sunday, again found us hunting up beads at the annual Grand Island Art in The Park event. We bought some gorgeous lampwork beads from Jodie Marshall (my box of Jodie beads was getting pretty low!) and a few from Maudie's Stained Glass. Chris took a big leap on Thursday and signed up to take a lampworking class from Maudie's a week from Saturday. He is frightened but excited. I figure, whatever he makes I can find a use for! Things to look forward to this week: Mina is having her Aquacourt birthday party on Saturday afternoon with a pizza party in the park to follow the water frolicking! She turns 10 on Sunday, and this is my "when am I supposed to have time to cook and clean" party solution! You should try it sometime, it is very freeing! I can't believe I have a daughter hitting double digits in age already! She got good news over the weekend, she doesn't have to wear her glasses anymore! We took some beautiful birthday pics a Sears on Saturday. I hope to contact my friend Michelle to see if she and her kids would have breakfast with Mina and I on Thursday. I hope to get some pictures up of the jewelry projects I have almost finished and of the pile of beads I bought on Sunday, this afternoon after work. Keep your eyes peeled for them (wow that is a really weird saying when you stop to think about it)!

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