Monday, July 2, 2007

Is There A Medic in the House?!

Hello! Chris and I took the GS to camp Saturday am for Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue camp. We had 3 girls that went with us, and had a wonderful time. We decorated Mason jars with 4th of July fabrics and glue and made them into candle jars. We also learned the proper way to retire worn out flags, how to fold flags, and the meanings of the stripes, and the stars. It was a wonderful experience right before the big 4th of July celebrations get under way. We then took those girls and met up with our co-leader Donna, had lunch and spent the rest of the day at the water park in Hastings. This is where the medic part comes in. When Donna and I go to the water park together, we float the lazy river and spend time catching up with each others lives. Evidently, we floated longer than I thought because I am SO sunburned! I, mistakenly so, thought that I could get by without the sunblock because I wouldn't be in the sun that long! So what is the valuable lesson we have learned from this? ALWAYS APPLY SUNBLOCK! Mina now sees why we make her wear it! I hope your Monday is much less prickly than mine will be! Does anyone have any sunburn tips for me? HELP!


Angie said...

Ouch - I feel for ya! I am fair skinned and learned the hard way to wear sunscreen when around water - even on cloudy days and for short periods of time! I was so badly burnt one time all I could wear were tube tops (that dates me, huh?!) and a loose (very loose) shirt over the top. Aloe vera has a great cooling effect. If you don't have a plant that you can break open and use - they make a gel. Helps keep it moist too. Don't hesitate to use Tylenol or Ibuprofin too. Hope you arent' in too much pain.

Stephanie Haussler said...

Thanks Angie, I have had bad burns in the past, but not for A LONG time! I hope that it will once again be A LONG time til the next one!

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