Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Monday to You!

Hello! I hope that your weekend was restful and refreshing! I got a wonderful gift certificate from Mina and Chris for a European facial for Mother's Day. I have never had that particular spa treatment so that will be very nice! I spent yesterday afternoon/evening cleaning out Mina's dresser drawers, replacing winter clothes with summer ones and evaluating if pants that fit now will still fit in August. Her school gets out May 23 and starts back on August 14. That certainly seems very short for summer break, but I am sure that by the 14th I will be ready to send her back to school. We have several GS camps to attend and that will make time fly by, of course the thing Mina is looking forward to most is swimming! She is a little fish, and lives in the pool during the summer. She swims way better than I do! Don't forget the postage rates change in the U.S. today, that's what I am doing~adding three cent stamps to all of our statement envelopes so they can go in the mail! Thank heaven for the self adhesive stamps! Have a good day.

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