Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ahh summer's almost here...

Well, tomorrow is Mina's last day as a 4th grader. She has promotion to 5th grade at 11am and then school gets out at 12pm. Chris' family fishing trip fell through so he and I will go to promotion and then we will spend the day together. We are greatly looking forward to seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3 this weekend. We are also going to Grand Island tomorrow because Chris is taking a fishing facilitator class through NE Game and Parks to be a facilitator for GS. Then you can check out fishing tackle from the NE G&P and take the kids fishing. On Thursday, Mina and I are having lunch at McDonald's with our new friends Michelle (she is also my dr.) and her daughter Anna. We are very excited about this. Mina is puppy sitting on Saturday, and I am helping with Buddy Bingo for the Lawrence Fun Day on Sunday. If you are in the area, stop by Lawrence for some old fashioned games and fun all afternoon and evening on Sunday, May 27. Mina is counting down days until the water parks and swimming pools open so she can swim! Next week on Friday we are taking several girls to Camp Cosmo for Science camp for the day. That will be a great day!

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