Sunday, April 15, 2007

My piece of the ocean

This was one of the first pieces I made when I started beading. It has a mother of pearl flower in the center and various blue crystal dangles around it. There are mother of pearl stars and a moon on the ends. It is on a neck wire so it moves as I do. The original idea was so the beads could be moved around and switched out with other beads, but I got to liking this placement and disliking keeping track of the beads when they were off my necklace. So this one now stays this way. It always reminds me of the bright blue oceans in the Caribbean.

These were the beads that I would switch out with the blue ones above, but I ended up just getting another neck wire and keeping them this way. The thing I loved about these ideas was how different you could make one base necklace look.

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