Friday, April 13, 2007

Funny people

Yesterday, I spent most of the late morning/afternoon running errands. But my joy was getting to go to Beads & Botanicals, and Carla taught me a new design for a necklace (I will post the pic as soon as I pry it off Mina's neck) which took all of about 3 minutes. There were other customers in and out while I was there, but I just love going to the bead store. I always tell Carla, "I feel creative just walking in the door". It is like an instant happy moment. We got to talking about funny things people say and I wanted to share with you so you could have a giggle on this Friday the 13th. One day I was in the bead store and there were a couple ladies that came in who had not been there before. They asked Kris (Carla's assistant) if the beads came punched with the holes in them or if they did it in the shop themselves. My husband Chris (also a beader) and I about died trying to hold in the laughter. After they left, we kidded Kris that they had elves (no disrespect intended to elves) hidden in the back punching holes in all their beads (there are at least 30,000+ beads in the store)! Then I was telling Carla about the time we were in the pet store and they were raising an alligator or crocodile for the zoo, but it was small at the time and they would get it out for kids to touch and look at it. There was a lady in there with a bunch of little kids and the guy had it out and was holding the mouth shut so the kids could look at it. Her words and I quote, "Does it bite?". DUH?! As Carla said yesterday, no he had attended alligator obedience school and had been trained not to! I love Bill Engval for his observations on the Here's Your Sign stuff, because that happens all the time and just makes you want to slap your forehead. Anyway, happy Friday the 13th! The 13th is my lucky # because that is the day that my husband first kissed me, so I don't consider it bad! Besides I have had way worse luck on all the other days of the month!


Leslie Lemke said...

I just recently purchased a bracelet from Stephanie and love it. Her quality is outstanding and I know she will continue to do well with beading.

Stephanie Haussler said...

Thanks Leslie!

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