Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Morning!

Hello! I hope that you had a nice weekend, we did but man am I tired! The wedding we went to Sat nite was beautiful and elegant. The couple were so in love it was just bursting from them~a wonderful thing to witness at a wedding! We did a bit of shopping and stopped at a bead store in Lincoln, so I will be showing you the things I am making with the items from there. I got a couple skull beads made from wood that I am going to make into a Pirates of the Carribean tribute of some sort. I love those movies~they are so much fun! We arrre! big pirate fans at our house, and have even had a pirate party with our GS that included plastic sword fighting, treasure maps, and eye patches! I made a bracelet for Mina last night that had a lovely salmon colored mother of pearl circle and it also had seashells and apple green chalk turquoise. I will put the pic up tonight when I get home.

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