Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Time Keeps Ticking

Wow a year has passed since my last blog post!  We now have a website: Pixybug Designs!  I created it last fall, and while it is still not all I want it to be, the website is a place for our customers to find us, where we will be, and see a few of our designs.  What have we been up to?  I have suffered through a rather trying "dry spell" in my jewelry designing and even wanting to bead at all.  It boggles the mind that something I love so much can also make me so miserable.  Thank heaven, I am turning the corner on that problem.
Chris continues to take classes with national and international glass artist teachers and each time his skills grow and change.  Last fall he took a class with Sharon Peters, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Next week he will travel to Kansas City to take a class with Wesley Fleming.  This will be the first class he has traveled out of state to take!
 We have also become involved with the World's Biggest Marble Hunt which is a worldwide scavenger hunt/geocache for marbles!  We have really enjoyed being involved in the craziness and have had marbles hidden all over the world!

We will be in York for a marble trade show on Sunday, April 23 and on June 3 we will be in Lincoln for the North Lincoln Summerfest!

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