Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back In Time Blog Hop...Cave Girl Chic

My life has been a total crazy mess lately.  Too many commitments, too many responsibilities, WAY too much stress, and far too little time to deal with all of it.  But you are not here to hear about all of that!  This is a challenge continuing throughout the year, and it is hosted by Lindsay Starr and Sherry Stokey.

When I was working on my concept, I really wasn't sure which direction to go.  Our theme for this round was "Early Human".  Thank goodness, the Omaha Bead Affair hit at just the perfect time for purchasing the ingredients for this design.  A great amount of my details came from Darcy Horn, The Jade Dog. 
Handmade Polymer from Darcy Horn, The Jade Dog
Darcy is one of my favorite vendors and artists, as her funky style speaks to my artistic tastes!  So I purchased a bunch of these amazing spikes from Darcy (made by her!), some tiny sea urchin spines, and some very pretty Picasso finished size 8 seed beads.  To this mix I added spikes of tumbled picture jasper, Czech glass thorn beads, and some cool snakeskin finish Chinese crystals.  I wanted to make this huge complicated piece, but I just didn't have time and went with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) design philosophy.  Here is what I came up with and I just LOVE it!  I made a matching pair of funky earrings with natural wood beads and of course every Cave Girl's favorite, Swarovski crystals!  No matter what era we live in, we all need to SPARKLE!

Me wearing my creation, bringing out my Inner Cave Girl

The set

the earrings

Here are the rest of the participants!  Hope you enjoy the Hop!


Sherri Stokey said...

What an AWESOME piece! And it looks great on you! I love the way you graduated the spike lengths and mixed the materials. My cave girl would totally wear that.

Jennifer said...

The spike shape is so iconic - and ancient! Perfect choice! Looks great!

Maria Rosa Sharrow said...

Tribal,spikey, colorfully beautiful.

Kathleen Breeding said...

Gotta love that spiked necklace! It's like early cave woman meets Tim Burton!

fay ................................................... said...

Love the spikes.. great colour combos.. well done

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