Friday, October 10, 2014

New Designs, This Month's Shows

Wow, look...another month in between posts!  Good grief!  There was a time when I posted several times per week!  Now it seems that all I post about is jewelry and shows!  Well, this post will be no different!  Here is the scoop!

TV Stars!

Chris and I spent time near Kearney yesterday at the NTV Studio!  We were interviewed on Good Life (the morning show).  We showed our newest creations and talked about our design process working together. Here is the link to watch the show!
segment one
segment two

New Designs!

Fan Favorites jewelry!  Polymer swirl beads by Lisa

 New beads!  Love that fancy display plate, don't you?!
 New Skullie pendant with hair!

 Show Schedule!

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be hosting the 1st Annual Autumn Open House at the 2nd Floor Studio in Hastings.  The show is located at 505 N. Hastings in Suite 206 (Historic Hastings Old Middle School).
For more info : 1st Annual Autumn Open House at the 2nd Floor Studio

Next week on Saturday we will be in Lincoln for the Lincoln Bead Bazaar.  More details on that event can be found here:

Lincoln Bead Bazaar

Hope you can visit with us at one of our shows!

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