Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Month in Photos...

Almost a month between blog posts is a very long time!  Here are a few things we have been up to since we last connected!

We were vendors at the Omaha Bead Bazaar on April 12.  Look for huge changes coming to next year's show!  New location, classes and demonstrations, and TWO days!

We sold at the Omaha Bead Bazaar April 12.  New location for the Show next year!
 We celebrated Easter with Chris's family near Wellfleet, Nebraska.
The cousins with Great Grandma and Paul at Easter 2014

 Mina got this year's Easter Bunny duty!
Bunny Mina with (goofy) cousin Daniel who graduates later this week from high school.

Mina went to her Junior Prom with her boyfriend of 6 months, Nate.  They wanted to be different from the usual glitz and glitter of prom, so they went Renaissance Faire instead!  They were so cute and Mina looked REALLY beautiful (not that she is not gorgeous every day!).
Mina & Nate - a more formal shot.

A friend of theirs took some fun, pre-prom photos:
Go Mina Go!  Can you tell they both love theater?!
Aren't they cute?!

Love the slightly "evil" quirk of Mina's eyebrow!
We went to our nephew, Daniel's Eagle Ceremony the day after prom.
L-R: Daniel, our neice Zoe, Daniel's brother Nick, and Mina
Daniel with his parents, Todd (Chris's brother) and Lisa
And finally, we went to National Honor Society banquet last night.
NHS, the Junior class!
Blue Hill NHS, the whole group
So there you have it!  A month zipped by, and here we go on the next one!  Be sure to swing by Saturday for the REVEAL of Chris's & my Bead Soup Blog Party designs!  Now if only I were finished with them...Yikes!

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