Friday, September 6, 2013

New creations part 2 (More Flower Pots)

Guest blogger Chris here.  I just finished packing the car for what promises to be a very hot weekend.  I will be at Old Trusty Days in Clay Center Saturday and Sunday.  The forecast is upper 90's for both days.  Couple that with a metal roof and you get an oven!  Yippee!  Stop by and see me if you think you will not melt.  My dad will be in the next booth over with his really big, scary, handmade knives and stuff.  I made manly finger bits for him to show next to his knives to remind people that what he makes is fully functional as well as cool to look at.

Well, enough about what I am doing tomorrow.  This is what I have been doing the last week or so, other than making marbles with my representation of cattle brands inside them.  That will be another post.   Here are some new flower arrangements...

 The Batty Skull
 A vase with hidden depths and a purple flower
A yellow flower in a copper blue vase
A viney pot with a pale flower

Our show schedule for the month of September is busy.  Old Trusty this weekend, the Hastings Bead show the 13th at the Adams county fairgrounds, and wrapping up with the Hillboro, KS Arts Festival the 20th.  If you have the chance, stop by and say "Hi".  We would love to see you!

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