Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adventures with Precious Metal Clay

Last weekend, I learned a new skill.  I was thrilled to get to take a class with Deb Brooks, who's company is From the Heart Creations.  Deb is certified PMC teacher, and Julie hosted classes for beginners at the store!  We had a great time and learned a wonderful new technique.  Here are the designs from the first class:

My piece is the Steampunk design in the upper right corner.  I can't believe I was able to create that the first time out!  Shows how talented our teacher is!  The other pieces are beautiful too, and I really love the piece beside mine, which was made on a printing stamp of a map of Nebraska counties.  The one just below that moving clockwise was made with a rubber stamp, but then Julie carved the clay to match the edge cut on the design.
This was another class group, and Chris was in this class!  His is the flaming piece on the right hand side.  He even worked with Deb ahead of time to design the stamp image and carved it from polymer clay to make the impression for his pendant.  All of the pieces are beautiful and while waiting for the kiln to fire, Julie and I taught the group about Crystal Clay (well Julie taught and I assisted).  Have you had a chance to use Crystal Clay (it is a 2 part Epoxy clay which air dries in 24 hours)?  Too fun and the possibilities are limitless!

Final pieces made.  The top tree piece is for a multi strand bracelet and the matching bead is a double sided lentil bead wit a different tree on the other side.  Very cool! 
Chris and I are looking forward to playing with the PMC more in the future! 


The Folk Art Tree said...

I just LOVE your pieces! I enjoy using PMC, but I am so apprehensive about screwing something up when the clay is so expensive! I have tried bronze clay too (which bubbled in the kiln...I was in FL so the humidity was hard to combat) but haven't played with PMC in months. You have kick started my creativity to work with this again! Thanks and have fun playing!

Cheryl Roe said...

All of the components are wonderful, so envious of you being able to take this class. said...

I really like your pieces! Do you use molds? or is it all free hand? Looks great!!. Best, John at Stoney Creek

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