Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Following in last year's tradition I searched Etsy for a few really awesome designs to wish you Happy Halloween!  Enjoy and save me some mini Snickers bars!

I love that Snickers commercial with the Horseless Headsman that is confused!  Too Funny!
Headless Horseman Spooky Decoration by TheRootCellar          
 I have long admired Pixie Dust Miniatures!  Such fun, teeny tiny art and such amazing detail!
Teatime Tray for Witches by Pixie Dust Miniatures     
SkullsDigital Collage Sheet by EartDesign
Wouldn't these skulls be great under a dome and used in bead embroidery as cabs?

I wish I had skinny calves so I could wear boots this cool!  (even when I was young I didn't have skinny calves for boots!)
Spooky Halloween Haunted Scene Witches Boot by JennysToleShed
The best spiders are ones you can display and pack away, without having them sneak up on you!
Spooky Halloween Glass Votive with Black Widow Spiders by GlassWorksEtc
Halloween Prints Spooky Hollow old school
Cute and fun designs!
Green Eyeball Ornament Decoration by rainbeauxcrafts                   

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On the Horizon

No, I haven't vanished from the face of the Earth. Just incredibly busy!

Last week was busy with finishing assembling 100 memorial pendants for the Blue Hill Families memorial fundraiser.

Wow!  Can you believe we sold all but 4 of them!  I plan to make 20 more for the Blue Hill Craft show in December.  A tremendous amount of work for a very special cause.

This week I am working to finish up some new holiday designs for a Holiday Open House we are hosting with Frank & Deb Brooks at their studio in the Old Middle School in Hastings this Saturday.
This the first Open House we have done without the show being a "craft or art show".  We have worked with Frank & Deb a great deal this year and we all decided it would be a great way to start the holiday shopping and spotlight both of our design lines and bring in some other handmade items & crafters as well.  We will have beautiful floral arrangements, handmade baked goods & jellies, plus lots of other great items!  Other studios in the Old Middle School will also be open for business!  The Open House runs 9-4 and we are serving yummy snacks and spiced cider (tea & coffee too!).  Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Zombies Are Coming!!!

I came across this when I was at the Hastings Public Library yesterday!  How much fun will this be?!  It is an interesting idea and definitely outside the "normal" for Hastings!  I think we might just have to scrounge up some Zombie costumes and participate!

On a related note, I came across this on Facebook yesterday and it made me giggle!
Life is always so complicated for Charlie Brown! On the plus side, Pigpen will finally fit in!!


Monday, October 15, 2012


Over the weekend we were in Lincoln for the Lincoln Bead Bazaar.  One of our first stops is ALWAYS Barnes & Noble when we get to the "BIG" city.  I picked up this book:
Bead Soup Book by Lori Anderson
Much to our surprise and delight, we found that Chris's Beaky Bird bead we had sent in a soup mix to Valerie Norton was published in the book!!! 
Valerie Norton
What a fun thing to see!  We were thrilled!  Thanks also to all those who stopped by the booth to visit and shop Saturday at the Bead Show! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lincoln Bead Show This Weekend!!!

Need Beads or Marbles?  Let's be honest, who doesn't?!!  Feed your need to bead this Saturday at the Lincoln Bead Show.  We will be there, and if you need more info here's the link!  Hope to see you there!
Lincoln Bead Bazaar

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spiritual Journey

I am a person of great faith.  Faith has gotten me through more than one tough spot.  While I am a great believer and love the God I worship, I am rather discontented with organized religion.  For me, religion has lost God in the commercialism of what "faith & worship" are supposed to look like making it difficult to find God in any of it.  I am fascinated in other religions and beliefs, giving credence to things others scoff as "hokum".  Recently, I have found my way to learning more about Native American totems.  I purchased the book "The Spirit of Bead Embroidery" by Heidi Kummli.  It covers the topics of totems as part of Heidi's beading work.  I found too, that I am attracted to working with ravens in my bead work, and today I looked up the meaning of that.


Gosh, who knew!  I have always loved the idea of magic and magical places.  It took a HUGE amount of courage for me to take my first bead embroidery class with Sherry Serafini, whose first book was written with Heidi Kummli.  I find that bead embroider is the beadwork I do for ME.  It allows me to work outside my normal "box" and branch out, experimenting with stitches, techniques, and materials that invigorate my beading.
The photos shown here are some of by embroidery and raven designs.  Couldn't find the raven piece I wanted to show you, will have to hunt more for the picture. 

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