Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This and That

I am sorry I haven't gotten the rest of the photos of our new jewelry posted.  I have NO idea where the days go!  The last post took about three hours to put together and I haven't had that much time strung together to put the next picture post in order!  So here are a few tidbits of info and news for you until that post gets finished.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  To all the readers who stop by our little corner of the world to read the blog, THANK YOU!  We crossed the 50,000 views over the weekend and I am so humbled that you take time to stop by and read what I write.  Here's to 100,000!

I got time to sign up for the next round of the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Yes, I had to use my smartphone and do the sign up while I was at our Bassett Show, but I did get signed up!  My partner is Shirley Moore and our reveal date is the first round of three on July 28th.  I am starting to put Shirley's soup mix together which will include some of Chris's awesome beads.

Our next show is the Flatwater Music Festival this Friday and Saturday at Prairie Loft Center in Hastings.  Fabulous music, art, and food!  Of course the weather is not cooperating and looks to be about 100 degrees (fun to set up in that :0P).  Our weather turned HOT last week and has decided to stick around.

My fabulous lampworking husband, Chris, has several new pictures and glass reviews on the CiM (Creation is Messy) glass website, including his fun cowboy hats.  Cruise through the Palettes and scroll down the page for the pictures from the various artist glass testers.

Well, I am late for work at my full time job, so I better cut this off for now.  See you here again soon!

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