Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Missing Week

Last week went by in such a blur, I am not even sure it happened!  Mina spent most of the week in Lincoln at Masonic Band Camp, and it was an amazing experience.  We went up Friday night to watch their concert at South Pointe Pavilion in Lincoln.  The concert was outside and it was a beautiful evening, and the band was absolutely the best I have ever heard.  On Saturday, the kids marched in the Shrine Parade and there were 285 of them!  They were a whole block long when marching and wow what a sound! 
Here is a picture I took with my phone camera of them coming down the street.  After the parade, they performed at a nursing home in that area and then it was time to head to Memorial Stadium for their pep band and half time performances.  They also did the National Anthem for the start of the Shrine Bowl. 
Flag unfurling and National Anthem (photos from the Shrine website)

South Pointe Pavilion performance (we are sitting under the blue tent), photo from Shrine website

Mina is somewhere near the tree on the left side of the photo, she plays trombone

Marching in the parade (photo from the Shrine website)

Half time show at Memorial Stadium (photo from the Shrine website)

The photos from the website are a bit small, but still give you the idea of what that number of kids looks like performing!

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