Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Year Ago...

One year ago, this was the post...

My boss, Julie, took me on an adventure to Tucson for a whirlwind bead buying trip and this was what I posted just before leaving.  Julie and her daughter Jacie left for Tucson today, and I SO wish they had packed me in their suitcase!  I wanted to share this tidbit of Blogger wisdom from my stats. This post turned out to be one of my highest viewed posts.  Not because it was so very exciting (although it was INCREDIBLY exciting to me at the time!  I used a cute clip art picture and labeled it with a link tag as to where I found the picture.  Who knew that there were so many people in need of airplane clip art?  To date, I have had this many hits relating to this one picture!
airplane clipart  1254

airplane clip art 1064

airplane 220

plane clip art 122

clipart airplane 112

clip art airplane 76

aeroplane clipart 63

clip art plane 41

For a total of  2952 hits! 
That is pretty funny!  When you use the internet, you just never know what will connect you to others!

airplane clipart


Anonymous said...

ha! That's pretty funny! Now I have to find a way to work the picture into one of my posts to make it 2953 people who needed airplane clip-art! :)

Pixybug Designs said...

I know! How crazy! I would never have thought that there are that many people looking for airplane clip art!

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