Monday, December 19, 2011

Stephanie Recommends...

Often I tell people about products, books, and websites I love.  So now I may just start a new feature with "Stephanie Recommends".  Here are this weeks recommended items!

My first "new" love is for B'Sue Boutiques.  Since discovering Steampunk style jewelry, I have been hooked.  Often it influences designs that have no other look of that style, in the charms I choose or the metals in the chains or findings chosen for the beads I am working with.  Currently, I LOVE antique brass and gunmetal the best.  Those are the ones I want to use above all others, but I still design in the "what goes best with" style.  I truly believe that some beads call for certain colors of findings, though I am surprised at how designs turn out when I tune out that line of thinking.  I think it was in September when I was reading a post by Katie Hacker that showed the "creepy" metal pieces she had gotten from B'Sue Boutique.  I am always on the "hunt" for funky and unusual findings and pieces to add to my designs.  THAT is what B'Sue specializes in.  To be frank, I have never seen anywhere the pieces that they carry.  They also have different finishes on their metals that add a wonderful change to my designs.  My favorite of their finishes is the Rusty Black Patina finish.  Kind of a cross between antique and gunmetal.  Here are some of the items I purchased in the Rusty Black Patina (all photos are from B'Sue Boutique's website)
Aren't they amazing?!  I love them, and all that I have purchased.  The quality is high and the prices are low!  Perfect.  Not only do they have an awesome product line, Brenda Sue also makes videos, lots of technique driven videos!  They are amazing.  I have watched many but still have many to go.  Here is the most recent:

There are lots of videos to choose from!

The next wonderful thing I would like to share is the latest books I have been thrilled with!

Looking Glass Wars Book 1by Frank Beddor
I listened to the audio book of this last week, and of course, the 2nd in the series "Seeing Redd" isn't available on the audio download.  So I got the book at the library and am currently reading:
and I have the audio for book three "ArchEnemy" on hold on the Overdrive Media system, so I hope I finish book two before book three comes up for my hold!

I hope you enjoy my recommendations, and will share more soon!

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