Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swarovski New Colors!!

 I love when the new Swarovski colors are released!  I am a big fan of Bling, and if you want the best Bling, Swarovski is definitely the way to go.  Their quality and selection are hard to beat.  These are the new color releases for the Fall/Winter selection.  The new crystal pearl color:

Petrol- (deep blue/teal)
Denim Blue
Antique Pink
My favorites of the Swarovski line are the pendants and shaped beads.  I love to make suncatchers and using the Swarovski crystals and Strass leaded crystals on them is wonderful.  One of the new items I am excited about is the diagonal drilled Wild Heart bead.
Wild Heart
Having the bead drilled this way, you can hang it on the diagonal of a necklace instead of just hanging through the pendant drill.  I love all of the heart beads, and am very excited to have these come into stock in the various bead suppliers so that I can get them in time for Holiday designs.  I only wish they had added a new color in the "opal" lineup.  I love all of the opal colors, and they add a different dimension of color to the design.  If Swarovski is listening, might I suggest a lovely lime green colored opal or a bright orange opal!  Imagine the Khaki or Peridot or Hyacinth in the opal line!  That would be awesome!

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