Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun with Marching Band

Mina had her first high school marching band performance last Saturday in the Melody Roundup in Hastings.  She was a bundle of nerves and DESPISED her uniform.  I pointed out to her that all the other kids were suffering the same fate, and hated them just as much as she does.  I also pointed out that it could be worse because some uniforms involved plumes and capes and hers does not.  Here are some pictures I took.
This is the "humor the parents" shot.  Gosh, she looks so grown up in her uniform!  It was hard on me for a few minutes!

This is the "I love band, but not this uniform" glower.

This is the "if you put this picture on the web, I will NOT be happy" picture.  The first in her hat. 

Only my daughter could get two left handed gloves!  First thing she did when the bus arrived was find a right one!

Everything is better with your best friend!
Things I didn't know about marching band:
  1. All of you hair needs to be inside your hat.
  2. Certain instruments wear different kinds of hats.  Mina now wants to play the tuba instead of a trombone so she can wear a beret.
  3. When the kids are all lined up in their uniforms marching, with their hair concealed, it is very tough to find your child!
The kids sounded great as always and will perform this coming Saturday in Grand Island at the Harvest of Harmony parade.  Sadly, we didn't know this when we signed up to do the Exeter craft show!  So Mina will be in Grand Island and we will be in Exeter and won't get to see her perform!


The Folk Art Tree said...

Wonderful! My son Duncan is in marching band in college (we never had it in our little town). He loves it! What a great experience for Mina! It is amazing they can think about where they are to be on the field, play an instrument and do hand and body motions all at the same time! I can hardly walk and chew gum...:) Go Mina!

Pixybug Designs said...

I know what you mean Pam! I can't even read music so I never played in band. I definitely could march, play, and not stumble and fall and take out all the kids around me! Love band, and we have an amazing director. When the kids started in 5th grade, you could hear what song they were playing instead of squeaks and squawks!

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