Wednesday, August 17, 2011


If you read the blog regularly, you know I am addicted to beads.  Yes, that may surprise some of you.  Just kidding, any beader knows it is just a matter of time before the beads consume your life.  Even just a few moments ago, as I sat here trying to come up with a post topic, I was on Etsy surfing the beady goodness.  Truly it is a sickness.  I have SO many beads, how can I want more...BUT I DO!  And while I am totally in love with, totally obsessed with, totally drowning in beads, I also want to learn more interesting ways to use them in my jewelry designs.  Not just new and interesting beads, but new techniques and ideas to change my jewelry designing.  Last night I worked on a piece using olive green faceted fire agate rounds, a base metal gold filigree cross pendant, and gold wire.  I used some wiring techniques I have not used before, but have admired online and in books and magazines.
Totally Twisted By Kerry Bogert 
 I bought Kerry's book awhile back and continue to return to it for techniques and inspiration.  Last night I tried my hand at the wired coil drop similar to the red one on the cover.  I made two, one for each side, but they aren't quite symmetrical.    Not necessarily intentional, I mostly decided after I had my wire wrap done, that I wanted to put a link on to it.  I also hammered my wire, which I have done before, but did it a bit differently this time due to this video.
I was intrigued by the uses of lock rings and toggle parts being used in new ways!  Loved it, sat and watched the hole group of videos, including this one too.
The other new technique I am psyched about working with is this, from Vintaj.
DecoEtch Die from Sizzix
It allows you to run metal stamping blanks through your Sizzix machine to emboss on the metals.  This allows a nice deep impression on the metal and the piece can then be altered using alcohol inks or whatever your imagination can come up with!  Very cool, huh?  What type of new things are you interested in?  I would love to hear from you!
My videos are from YouTube.

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