Sunday, August 28, 2011


So when I sat down to write this post I had no ideas.  Zero, Zip, Nada.  Now that I am writing it, still few ideas.  I did come across the "Shadowbox Challenge Blog Hop" hosted by Lorelei Eurto while reading some of the blogs I follow.  Here are my favorites:
Necklace 31 by FryeStyle

by Lorelei Eurto 
By Maria Grimes
If you would like to look at the participant's pieces, just click the links below the photos (which I borrowed from each site) to be connected to the full list of participants.


Cindy said...

You my dear are very talented!! Love them all.

Pixybug Designs said...

Well, I thank you for the compliment, but I didn't make any of them! They are part of the Shadowbox Challenge, and I just came across it when I was reading some blogs. Thanks for stopping by though!

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