Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Color Trends for Fall

I don't usually pay much attention to fashion forecasts for colors or style.  Living in the Midwest, by the time styles get to us they are long gone in the "fashionable" places such as New York, California, and Paris.  I do enjoy seeing what colors will be the "in" colors and I am surprised at how right those predictions can be.  I have seen this panel in several posts and emails recently:
I went shopping at one of my very favorite stores, CJ Banks, yesterday.  I purchased clothes in these colors:

And believe it or not, they had items in most of these colors!  Now do the designers pick the colors or do they look at what everyone has made first and then say "these are the colors"?  I don't really know, but I do feel slightly fashionable at the moment!
Here are some of the items I purchased:
Find Your Fit Tee in Praline Cocoa

Lace Trim Cami in Praline Cocoa

Crochet Bolero Cardigan in Seed Pearl Beige

Trim Crochet Tee in Spirit Red

Blue Multi Strand Necklace
The reason I went into CJ Banks (all of my pictures came from cjbanks.com) was that I spilled ice tea down my shirt and had lovely brown stains on my aqua blue shirt.  This happens all of the time and I get quite a few new shirts by having to change after a meal malfunction.  Anyway, so I wore the red shirt out of the store and I love the design details and the gorgeous red color.  I also purchased the brown tee (got it on clearance for $7), a brown, a blue, and an orange lace cami (all half off) and the crochet sweater (half off with my coupon).  The necklace also had to come along because it went will almost everything I bought (30% off with coupon)!  I think I did well, now if the silly weather will cool off so I can wear the sweater!


Carla said...

oooh! very pretty!

Tracey said...

that necklace is fantastic!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks gals! Yes Tracey it is fantastic!

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