Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

I have been very diligent the past couple days working to get my beading act together.  When the weather is hot, it is difficult to work in my beading studio so the beading gets carried into the house.  After several projects accumulate, it is difficult to find the couch (my temporary studio).  So the past couple days have been cooler, and I have transported the beads back to the porch.  However, after doing this dance all summer, my table in the studio porch is a WRECK.  See for yourself.
Sure, I would love to be one of the "organized" people.  But I am not.  Quite frankly, I am lazy.  Clean is great, but I easily get overwhelmed even before I pick up the first item.  I probably need therapy, I definitely need the help of a professional organizer and house cleaner, and perhaps even the assistance of the local fire department.  Seems to me torching, and starting anew might be simpler. The really sad part is that this is after I have worked on the table for 2 nights, many hours each time!  (Of course, while I was proofing this post, I realized that it is easy to complain, but I am truly blessed to be able to have beads to work with, and the means to purchase them).
A good portion of my problem is how to store it?  I have boxes, I have sectioned containers, I have baggies enough to never need another the rest of my life (except no matter  how many I have, there is never one the "right" size).  Consequently, I work at putting away the items I can, and then where do I go with the rest?  I have boxes for findings, chain, wire, my VAST seed bead collection, and crystals.  However, there are far more beads to be classified, and I haven't gotten there yet.  Another problem?  Sorting and touching the beads gets the creative juices flowing, and soon I am making jewelry rather than cleaning up the bead table! 
This is a project I purchased supplies for LAST fall, and never got around to making the piece.  Guess what I found when cleaning the table!  Thankfully I had the foresight to put all the beads for the project together in the box with the leaf, so they were all ready to go after they were excavated from the pile of beads!  I am still working on it, but this is my current project on the table and when it is finished, I need to start on my Bead Soup project.  Look for some of the bead table disaster to soon be added to our Etsy shop, De-stash seems the way to rid myself of some of this flotsam!


The Folk Art Tree said...

A creative mind is rarely tidy! I have "work spurts" and the table gets outta control. Then I finish my projects and do the major cleanup. It is the cycle of life for me! I would rather have all my bead boxes open before me for quick perusal and easy access than pull out the boxes and put them back 500 times in a work session! I have to remind myself there is no studio "tidiness judge" and just let myself happily create!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks for the pep talk Pam! You are right, the things that allow us to be creative are also the things making a mess in our lives! And your right about hunting, even in all that mess, I have a pretty good idea where certain items are!

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