Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The End Is Near...

It all began with this-
Years and years ago, I read this book.  At first when I saw it at the top of the reading lists for weeks and months on end, I was skeptical.  However, when I finally gave in and read it, I was addicted.  I got Chris and Mina involved (I guess that makes me an enabler?), and we have spent many, many hours with Harry in his magical world.  We own all of the hardcover books, and all of the books in audio as well.  People have criticized the series for the darker side of that world, but here are my views:
  • A book that can get millions and millions of people, especially young people, to read that book is a marvelous, magical thing.
  • It is a STORY, not a gospel.  There are lots of STORIES out there that are FAR worse at spouting things I don't want my child or myself to read.
  • I love being swept away in the magic and the story of Harry and his friends, and was very, very sad when the last book came out.
Now for the last time:
The final movie comes out this week.  We are attending the Midnight Premier at our local movie theater on Thursday night/Friday morning.  Mina wanted (and her parents encouraged it) to do this for her birthday (the 22nd) which is next week.  We are bringing with us Mina's bff, Lexi, and we will revel in the crazy, silliness that is a "Midnight Premier".  In fact, I saw on the movie theater's website that the festivities begin at 12 noon on Thursday!  Here are some items I found on Etsy to celebrate all things Harry.
This is the "Deathly Hallows" symbol used in the stories/movie.
Hermoine, Harry's friend started a group to support the lesser magical beings from being exploited, and this is the name of that group.
The symbols know world wide for Harry, his glasses and the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

So we will be sad and happy at the same time this week.  And then we will be VERY tired!  So what magical power would you like to have?  I would choose flying or using magic to clean my house!  I want to hear from you on your choice!


Pretty Things said...

Hey, if you're missing the series, I'd recommend the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage -- I just finished the latest one, "Darke", and I just love them!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks! Always looking for new books to read! Can't wait for the next "Bead Soup Party", I am addicted! ;0)

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