Monday, July 25, 2011

Beading Trends

Easy Wire 2011
Beads & Beyond Magazine
Hot Topic
So over the weekend, we made a quick stop through Barnes and Noble and Hot Topic.  I love to get beading magazines from Barnes and Noble.  I picked up the two shown here (looked at about 10).  I have become picky about the magazines I purchase, looking specifically for items I don't know how to make or need more practice on or just ones that catch my attention.  The Easy Wire has lots of projects from bead artists I know through the internet and Beads & Beyond is a British magazine and I love those!  The magazines I looked during our stop at B&N, were heavy with wire projects, so expect to see lots of those saturating the market soon!
I have never been hip, but I appear to have started a trend.  For the couple years, I have loved EVERYTHING, owls and bumblebees.  Now, OWLS and BUMBLEBEES are EVERYWHERE!  I saw them in Hot Topic, Icing by Claire's, and Wal-mart.  So be prepared to see lots of those too!  Hum, what trend can I start next? :0)

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