Monday, June 27, 2011

Flatwater Music Festival pictures

We have been doing shows at Prairie Loft Outdoor Education Center for three years now.  It is our favorite place to do shows.  The grounds are peaceful and we are set up in a rustic old barn with other art vendors.  This is our usual set up, with a table and Chris's torching table set up along the main pathway through the barn and another table along the side by the side entrance to the barn.
The Flatwater Music Festival is fun because we get to listen to a wide variety of music during the two days of the show.  Jazz, Bluegrass, and even humorous music thrown in.  They do a great job of showcasing young, local musicians in the afternoon on Saturday, right by our booth setup!  Can't ask for a better seat for listening.

An unexpected event happened during the show on Saturday.  Mina stepped on an old cut off pipe that was embedded in the concrete by our table (without her shoes on) and got to visit the emergency room for stitches.
Now she gets to skip swimming and wear this lovely sock to cover her bandages for 10 days,
and her biggest worry, not that she would have to go to the emergency room or that she would have to have stitches, but that they would have to give her a tetanus shot in her behind.   Chris took her in and was laughing at her excitement, he said if she could have watched them stitch her up, she would have!  Mina has loved going to the doctor, dentist, and hospital all of her life.  She has known that she wanted to be a doctor as long as she has known what a doctor is.  Recently, Mina has switched medical professions, deciding that she would rather be a pediatric nurse instead of a doctor, because she didn't really want to go to school that long.  We'll see, I have a feeling she may wander back to the doctor idea yet.

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