Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beading at the Show

Last week we had a show at the Flatwater Music Festival in Hastings.  I try to find beading I can do while I sit at the shows (in between waiting on customers) and here is what I made on Saturday.
bottle cap source
I have had these bottle cap beads for awhile.  I bought the tiny ones a couple years ago at one bead show, and the large one this year at another bead show.  Saturday, I finally put the set together.  I designed the pendant in my "swap-it" style, which allows ease in swapping out the cords or chain you hang it from by using a lobster claw clasp as the "bail".  I used lots of Chinese crystals and a large hole "Pandora" style crystal to add to the sparkle factor.  I love designing pendants in this style because they offer such a wide variety of design potential and they are quick to make.  The earrings also feature plenty of bling!
This set is mine, all mine!  It started with the earrings.  I made them and they got separated from the pile of jewelry I was carding up at the time.  When I found them, they happened to go with what I had on, so they are now mine.  The earrings asked me (yes, my beads talk to me, don't yours?) to make them some friends, so I made a "swap-it" pendant and a fun charm bracelet to make the earrings happy.  The bracelet uses some gorgeous large hole Caribbean Blue beads that give the bracelet a bright pop of color.  The lovely polymer swirl beads can be found here.  Lisa makes gorgeous beads and they are fun and lightweight. 

I have been teaching myself wire crochet.  I watched some videos online and have done a lot of experimentation, and here are the pictures of some things I have made. The first bracelet I made Saturday, using a mixed gemstone bead strand and 26g non-tarnish silver Parawire.  Similarly, I used red, black, and silver wire, with Chinese crystals in red, black, and silver for my "Fan Favorite" bracelet.  The pearl necklace was the second piece I made when I started this project.  I used a mix of bright, Spring colored freshwater pearls and the  non tarnish silver wire.  I LOVE that piece!  My favorite colors!

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