Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Love!

 Tomorrow is my dear husband's birthday!  Chris will then be the same age as me until November (he always jokes that I am his "older" woman!).  So today I want to share some details about Chris:
  • Chris has 4 brothers, two older, two younger, making him the middle child. (look at me do math!)
  • He was born in Grand Island, NE and grew up near Doniphan, but moved to Plymouth just before graduating.
  • We met at Peru State College and started dating our sophomore year.
  • We had government class at 8:00am M, W, F, and it was taught by Dr. Hahn (an oriental man that while having lived in the US for a LONG time, never got rid of his Asian accent, so you could barely understand him).
  • Chris sat across from me in class, mostly comatose.
  • I thought he was cute, started trying to eat breakfast with him at the cafeteria, but again he was mostly comatose over his cereal bowl.  
  • Chris was playing Sherlock Holmes in the Speckled Band when I met him. He was terrific!
  • I got to know him better when I (very briefly) dated his roommate and would talk to Chris on the phone. 
  • We went to a play audition, my friend was student director and I tagged along, and when it was over I pushed him off the sidewalk (thus the start of our relationship) and he thought I was mad at him.  He made a mutual friend call me to check if I were mad at him.
  • After we started dating, he gave me pencil grips and gum.  One of the most romantic gifts he has given me.
  • For the longest time, he had me convinced that his middle name was Alice (it is actually Allan) and I still feel like an idiot for believing him.
  • Once forgot to pick me up for a date.
  • We used to go to Amigo's or Valentino's (when flush with cash) in Nebraska City for dates and I drove.
  • We broke up twice before getting married.
  • Chris loves goofy jokes, one being that when I am prepping bills and ask for the stamps for the envelopes, he starts stamping his foot.
  • He is an amazing, smart, funny, loving man.  I am SO blessed to get to spend everyday of my life with him.  Chris is a terrific father, my best friend, and a GOD to our cats.  

Happy Birthday, Chrysalis!  I love you, always.

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